Translational medicine

Leader of the research programme:

  • Professor Jiří Ehrman, MD., PhD.
  • Professor Vladimír Mihál, MD., PhD.

The research program translational medicine will provide motivation and focus of the BIOMEDREG scientific program on clinically relevant topics and problems. We will primarily focus on two areas of interest: clinical cancer research and infectious diseases, thus respecting scientific and clinical excelence concentrated around the Applicant and Project Partners. This research program will be removing barriers to multi-disciplinary collaboration, will attract attention of researchers to clinically relevant problems and validate discoveries from molecular target, biomarker and drug discovery pipelines in proof-of concept clinical trials. By enabling physicians, chemistries, and pharmacologists to leverage biology technologies, translation medicine program will enable early detection of cancer and other diseases, increase efficiency in drug development, improve drug efficacy and enable personalized medicine. The program will collect and comparatively analyze clinical information, including data contained in hospital systems and medical records, pathology reports and diagnostic labs, clinical trials systems and study participant questionnaires; and biomolecular information, including genomics, proteomics, medical imaging and other high-throughput molecular and cellular research data. In the program Translational medicine, there is critical role of Partner University Hospital Olomouc, where majority of proof-of-concept clinical trials on new drugs and validation biomarker clinical studies will be organized and performed.

Deliverables: 1. Clinical biomarker validation studies; 2. Drugs tested in proof-of-concept clinical trials. Deliverables will be published in the form of papers, research reports, patents and conference presentations.

Key methodological approaches: Genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioanalytics, validation clinical studies and proof-of concept clinical studies, bioinformatics and biostatistics.