Medicinal chemistry

Positions for organic, analytical and medicinal chemist available.
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Jan Hlavac:

Leader of the research programme:

  • Professor Dr. Vladimír Král, PhD., DSc.
  • Associate Professor Dr. Jan Hlaváč, PhD.

This research program involves synthesis and/or isolation of new organic compounds with potential biological activity with
aim to identify new hits, designate new lead compounds and achieve its subsequent optimization. Activities are focused on
a synthesis of the specific classes of new organic compounds, derivatization of biologically active compounds for the affinity
chromatography applications and on structures modification based on the results of biological testing. Chemical reactions
are carried out both in solution and solid-phase. Synthesis of chemical libraries using combinatorial chemistry plays crucial
role for effective searching of new hit and lead compounds.

Deliverables: 1. Acquisition of new biologically active compounds and their modifications; 2. Development of synthetic approaches for preparation of chemical libraries derived from active compounds; 3. Preparation of bioavailable formulations and drug delivery systems derived from active compounds; 4. Bulk synthesis of bioactive molecules. Deliverables will be published in the form of papers, research reports, patents and conference presentations.

Key methodological approaches: organic synthesis of new chemical molecules in combinatorial libraries, bioanalytics