Biomarkers - identification and validation

Leader of the research programme:

  • Professor Zdeněk Kolář, MD., PhD. 
  • Associate Professor Jiří Drábek, PhD.

This program focuses mainly on identification, verification and implementation of new biomarkers for diagnostic, prognostic
and predictive purposes. These biomarkers can be applied in situations directly linked to patient care, drug development
and research. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the knowledge base in identification and validation of biomarkers on the
molecular level. Researchers involved in this program are capable of performing complex genomic, metabolomic and proteomic
analyses, complex analysis of biomolecules modulating signal and regulation pathways in normal and tumor/diseased
cells. The research program generates a substantial portfolio of candidate biomarkers and further validates their medical
relevance in various clinical situations.

Deliverables: 1. Well characterized model cell lines and collections (biobank) of primary tumours/tissues; 2. New methods for identification and validation of biomarkers (siRNA knock-downs, ex vivo an in vivo tests) for cancer and infectious diseases; 3. Biomarkers, diagnostic procedures/kits based on defined and validated biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis and prediction of human diseases. Deliverables will be published in the form of papers, research reports, patents and conference presentations.

Key methodological approaches: Genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, genome screening, in vivo animal validation studies.